Pending a help file, I wonder if some help understanding this object could be mustered. I thought it might offer part of a solution to evening out the processing load for a granulator, by being able to break up buffer reads into predictable chunks.


  • What’s the behaviour with new input? If it’s working through a list of times, is the idea that it a) replaces the old list; b) ignores the new list; c) merges the lists? [seems like it ignores the new list?]
  • I’m not grasping the absolute / relative behaviour. Does ‘relative’ mean that [0 1 2 4 8] is interpreted as
    now, now+1, now+1+2, now+1+2+4, now+1+2+4+8
    and absolute
    now, now+1, now+2, now+4, now+8

I may have answered the question in the other thread but relative mode is relative to the trigger frame (and actually sorted IIRC), while absolute mode is perhaps more easily conceived as an accumulation of the times in their frame order.