how to play back from a stereo/multichannel buffer? (possibly embarrassing question)

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Finally starting to get going with the fl.universe~. I am just wondering if it is possible to somehow make a multistream that can read all channels of a buffer. I tried fl.streamid~ =2 into fl.tag~ channel into the right inlet of an =2, but I still seem to get mono on my fl.sink~ =2. What’s the “canonical” way of reading multichannel buffers? Thanks a lot, and please excuse my noobity.

Hmm. The process you’ve described using fl.streamid~ should work, but I think this may be an issue of counting from 1 and 0 - streams are counted from 0 and channels from 1, so you might need an [fl.+~ 1]. Can you let me know if this works? I’m thinking this should be easier to do (perhaps setting the channel param to a negative value could auto-map to streams), but in the meantime we should debug the issue you are having.

It might be worth revising what is counted from zero and what from one - I’m on the fence about this one - I might have gone too max-centric - I should look at how channels are counted in supercollider also.

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Thaaanks for the lightning fast response! Yes, it was the +1, I was dumb not to try that. Sorry!
Don’t know how many things it would break but personally I would prefer everything to start from 0, but I know that it is often mixed in Max, so I also understand if you conform to that.
This is what seems to work:

Across all the different interfaces a lot so its quite normal to get them mixed up :slight_smile:

I’m inclined to think about channels from zero with -1 mapping to streams, which would make this easier, but I need to check on SC and look at where else I count from 1 in FrameLib - as far as I recall almost everything counts from 0 in FrameLib, but inputs in Max for FL objects are counted from 1 (as in [1] [2] notation etc. and possibly in info strings that Max prints) - I believe that’s purely in the Max wrapper, however.

As an update I’ve implemented this on a breaking changes branch - I’m very much inclined to roll this one in, but this and my other breaking change need a bit of testing and some opinions.

I hope to have this out to people soon.

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