avx-disabled version?

Hi, just a quick question: I’m looking for a version for Windows for a CPU without avx support?

There’s nothing public at the moment, but it’s relatively trivial to make one for those who are able to build.

Is that possible at your end? If not I will be able to make one, just not immediately. I’ve been working on GitHub actions for building and this might be a good thing to do there for people who need it.

don’t worry, yes i might be able to build by myself. btw: thanks for your work

The location of the setting for the visual studio projects is:


In this file you’ll find EnableEnhancedInstructionSet is set to AdvancedVectorExtensions, which turns AVX on. Setting this differently in this config file will change the settings for all of FrameLib - then you just need to build in release.

Let me know if you need any further guidance. If it’s too much hassle, just let me know and now I’ve had a moment to find the relevant setting making a build would be pretty trivial at my end.