Getting started with building FrameLib

Sorry if this is quite basic (or possibly something I should be posting on the main Max forum), but I’m struggling with getting FrameLib built off the Github repository. Unfortunately I need to build the project for Windows (Eugh…) and realise that I need to provide the Max SDK myself, but with no background in Max object development (Or Visual Studio development in general) I’m unsure where I need to be placing the SDK. At the moment when building I’m getting error messages suggesting that the visual studio solution can’t find “ext.h” which I believe is a header in the Max SDK.
If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be really useful! Also I don’t know if it would be worth adding just a few lines on how to get FrameLib built for Mac and Windows to the bottom of the readme? Just to help get novices like me up and running.

Hi Sam,

FrameLib/FrameLib_Max_Objects/MaxSDK/ should contain only the c74support folder from the Max SDK.

Below is a screenshot from Mac that might clarify things. If you have any additional issue building then please let me know.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for that, everything is now building without errors. Just to confirm (and for anyone else this may help), I took the following steps:
Clone the latest version of FrameLib off Github
Download the latest Max SDK ( and copy the c74support folder to FrameLib/FrameLib_Max_Objects/MaxSDK / (adding underscores to the MaxSDK folder name)
Open the framelib.sln file with Visual Studio 2017, set Solution Configurations from “Debug” to “Release”, and hit Build Solution.
Copied the produced .mxe64 files from FrameLib/build/Release_64 to new folder FrameLib/Current Test Version/externals
Copied FrameLib/Current Test Version to ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages/ (and renamed as “FrameLib”)

All the objects now appear in max, with accompanying help files and learning resources under the “Extras” menu.