About the Bugs category

This is the place to report bugs in FrameLib if you are not familiar with GitHub. Please follow the example bug report which makes it much easier for the issue to be diagnosed.

Example Bug Report Below


Provide a summary of the bug. What happens, why doesn’t it work or how is the behaviour unexpected.

FrameLib Version:

Where possible provide a version of FrameLib. If you are on the cutting edge and building from source let us know a git hash.

Environment Details (Max/SC/Whatever):

Provide as much detail for the environment that you are using as possible. For example:

Max: Max Version, Audio IO Settings, Windows/Mac, OS Version.
SC: SC Version, Server Settings

Steps to reproduce (Provide patch/code if possible):

Provide as much information as possible for how to reproduce the problem. If its not possible to reproduce it accurately and consistently it may be best to wait until you narrow down the issue. Please provide small patches and code examples where possible so that it is easier to recreate the problem.

Actual Result:

Provide the results of the bug. Did you get a NAN when you didn’t expect to? Did you get more numbers than you should have? That kind of thing.

Expected Result:

What is the expected output of your process. How should it function?


If you can provide crash logs that is even better. Please link them as text files rather than embedding the log.