Menu not displaying fl objects in tutorials main page


On the main tutorial page (under Extras -> FrameLib -> Framelib - Tutorials, help and learning resources) objects are not displayed correctly when selecting a category.

FrameLib Version:

“new-features-alpha” - Github release

Environment Details (Max/SC/Whatever):

Max 8 (8.1.2)

Steps to reproduce (Provide patch/code if possible):

Patcher that needs checking: FrameLib-new-features-alpha\Current Test Version\FrameLib\extras\FrameLib\FrameLib - Tutorials, Help and Learning Resource.maxpat
I think the issue is in the “get” subpatcher, where the [js ObjectHelpLauncher.js] left inlet should be connected to something and the dump_category argument of the js object should output something from that inlet (which it doesn’t seem to do at the moment for any of the category selections). Unfortunately I don’t follow the logic well enough to fix this myself.

Hi Sam,

It is likely you have an outdated version of the docs if you built from Alex’s source which is not entirely in line with my own fork (I maintain the docs generation). I remember this bug and have fixed it on my branch :slight_smile:

I have attached my working copy here that I just built. You will need to chuck your own externals in the externals folder of the package. Could you tell me if its still being finicky? (799.1 KB)

Hi James,

Sorry for the super late reply - only just got back on the project where I’m using FrameLib. Yes! Everything looks a lot better now, thanks!