dict: file not found: FrameLib-obj-tlookup.json

I know the 12/17/2019 version is alpha (2.1 ? from package-info.json) and that is a very new, and unborn yet, package.

Some fixed path is hard-coded somewhere.

  • the dict “FrameLib-obj-tlookup.json” is missing when loading the example file
  • dictwrap: file not found: /Users/jamesbradbury/FrameLib/Current Test Version/FrameLib/interfaces/FrameLib-obj-tlookup.json
    jsui: fl.tut.nav.js: Javascript TypeError: difficulties is null, line 55
    These make the beautiful Tutorial 2::Better Freeze crash.

Just letting you know in case that comes from something else.

Ah - sorry - the docs on my last compile are not complete so that file didn’t get included - I’ll make sure to do it properly next time (there’s a separate build process for the docs files).