FrameLib on Package Manager (help requested!)

Hello All,

I’m getting very close to having fixed up all the things I wanted to do before the first official release via the Package Manager (after which that will be the place to get stable releases of FrameLib).

Most of the things are just fixes, but I’m considering two breaking changes (more on this later). To help prepare for release I could probably do with a hand in checking over the help files and tutorials (particularly in relation to late changes).

If you think you could/would like to help please let me know (post here/email, whatever). Ideally the more people help out with this the less work for everyone. There are now 165 objects, so that’s quite a bit for one person to check…


I’ll be isolating as you know so happy to help on evenings.

I can take a look!

Glad to take a look as well.

Thanks those of you who’ve offered so far (and @Rodrigo for doing some of the formatting). I’ll try to round up a few others also.

I’ve now got to a point where I think everything (particularly the tutorials) just needs a review for anything that can be caught before release.

To help please follow the instructions/put any feedback here:

But before you do that make sure you have the pre release beta from here:

This is the last stage before official release!

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