Size of patchers

Hello Framers,

As I put together the tutorials I realise how gross an inconsistent size is for the entire experience of traversing these slabs of information. To help me make something smooth and seemless between tutorial patches would anyone who has the time here be able to send me a couple of things.

  1. A full screen Max patch dragged from corner to corner. If you keep your Dock out on MacOS then keep it like that. Here is mine for reference:

  1. A label for the size and resolution of your screen. So mine would be 15" 2880 x 1800.

  2. Disclose if you use any of the below features to scale your display:


Are you presuming people use the dock hidden? For example, I keep my dock visible generally speaking.

Attached are patches with and without the dock.

Here is how I scale my laptop, but this is for sure too big too be “standard”.

(if you hover over your selected scaling setting, it shows the “Looks like…” bit of info) (1.9 KB)

No, if you keep the dock shown keep it like that. I want to see a range of patch sizes to get things looking good in as many setups as possible.

this is an unusual and helpful!